We are the digital bridge between the virtual- and the Physical classrooms

This means that a student who is not present at the lecture can participate on the same level as the students who are present.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to this program?

At this time, your university or school must be one of our clients, for you as a student or teacher to gain access.

What do this REX program do?

Teachers and students use REX to communicate during lectures where everything is subject related. Chat, video stream, questions asked to teacher, notes for the Powerpoint presentation, and everything else is saved in one timeline, for your convenience.

Can everyone use REX?

Yes, this program is being used by students who are present in a classroom as well as from their personal computers wherever they might be. Main Teachers use REX in their class, both for present and remote students, while teachers from all over the world can be guest tutors or assistant teachers.

What makes REX stand out from other similar technologies?

Students have the possibility to join classrooms online, and have a two-way communication with the teacher through the program. It also has a very user-friendly way to keep track of your schedule and classes, as well as all available subject material in whatever subject or course you have been taking.